Welcome to everyone both old and new!

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Welcome to everyone both old and new!

Post by Legasae » Thu May 19, 2016 2:22 pm

First off, Welcome to all the new members that are flowing in...We thank you so much for joining us.
For those of you that have been here, thanks so much for sticking around!

A few notes from the guild meeting that happened on 5/14/16
[*]Things are being structured. If you have an idea or what to take a more active role, let Tokra, Ainorrie or Karmac know.
[*]If you have ideas for events that you think would be fun for the guild to run ...they can be serious, silly, fun ....just things to bring members together. Please get them out there!
[*]HM Ops teams are working on being formed. Please email Ainorrie/Unorrie with your availability and the characters/roles you have available
[*]Let us know what you want to do in the game (will start a thread for this)

For recruiting, if you want to help that is great. That is the best way to see the guild grow. If you are interested in visiting planets and recruiting people, see an officer about what should be included in the general chat message.
The easiest way to recruit is if you are running an OP, a FP, a PVP...whatever...and you see someone without a guild tag...start a conversation. Talk to them...see if they would be a good fit for the guild. All members have invite privileges on both pub and imp.
If you meet someone and think they would be a great fit but don't feel comfortable trying to recruit, tag an officer and request that they speak to the person.

If you do invite someone, PLEASE put your name and the date in their member notes. If you could please also send an ingame mail to Legasea that would be awesome. Just include who, when, what side and if you want, what encouraged you to invite them. That will be extremely helpful.

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